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Directions: Please choose the level in which you agree/disagree with the statements below.

I have school spirit.        
I want to graduate high school.        
What I am learning has prepared me to go to college and/or become career ready.        
I come to class organized.        
I show up to all my classes every day.        
My school provides ample opportunities for learning outside the classroom.        
I am passing my classes.        
I ask questions in class and contribute to the class discussions.        
I attend school activities with friends.        
I participate in extracurricular activities like sports and clubs.        
I have a lot in common with other students at this school.        
I am most responsible for how well I do in school.        
Teachers at my school support me.        
My teachers expect me to graduate from high school and attend college or become career ready.        
My teachers allow me to use technology (ex. I-pads, laptops, etc.) to complete assignments for projects in class.        
My teachers expect me to collaborate with other students before turning in assignments.        
My teachers communicate with my parent/guardian.        
My teachers grade my work and assist me when I have trouble understanding my assignments.        
My principal and assistant principal greet students every day.        
I know the principal in my school by name.        
I know my assistant principal(s) in my school by name.        
I know my counselor in my school by name.        
All students are treated fairly when enforcing school rules.        
My teachers know my name.        
There are multiple adults at my school who I can talk to if I have a problem.        
My school and classrooms are clean and welcoming.        
My teachers are concerned with my success and expect more success from me.        
My teachers give me useful feedback about my assignments.        
I feel safe in my school.        
Students show respect for their teachers.        
There are a lot of after school activities that are interesting to me.        
Students arrive to class promptly.        
I know where to go in case of an emergency.        
I feel safe from being insulted, embarrassed, or harassed by adults at my school.        
When I am struggling, my teachers are available to give me extra help.        
My teachers care about me.        
Students feel a strong sense of pride for their school.        
My teacher maintains discipline in the classroom.        
Disruptions in class are minimized by my teacher.        
My school prevents students from bullying other students.        
My teachers spend time on teaching new students the school rules, policies, and procedures.        
My school is in need of more security.        
My schools policies/expectations are visible around campus.        
Students follow the student code of conduct.        
My school motivates students to stay in school.        
My school prevents students from fighting.        
Consequences are consistent and fair for students who need disciplining.